Young Adults and Addiction, Cosmetic Entrepreneurship, Earning a Degree Online

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Young Adults and Addiction, Cosmetic Entrepreneurship, Earning a Degree Online

Good morning everybody and welcome to the Balancing Act.
We are so glad you joined us. I’m Julie Moran.
I’m Olga Villaverde. You know, many women dream of
being their own boss. Absolutely.
It’s huge. Enjoying financial independence
and being able to make their own hours.
There are career opportunities that can make this dream a
reality, and I’ll be talking with the folks from Jafra about
their beauty products and their profits.
Plus, we’re also kicking off a comprehensive series on
addiction. It takes many faces, and affects
those from all walks of life. There are 12-steps on the road
to recovery. We’re going to talk to those who
have taken this journey and have taken it successfully.
So inspiring. And returning to college, and
finally getting that degree you always wanted.
Well, The Balancing Act begins right now.
(music). The world of direct selling has
created amazing opportunities for people looking to become
their own bosses. In fact, direct selling accounts
for over 30 billion dollars in retails sales each year.
But, how can you take advantage of this trend.
Well, let’s ask my next guest, Andrea Urista, an independent
consultant for Jafra USA, and Jafra president Paolo Moledo.
Welcome. It’s so great to have you on the
set. Thank you.
And, I think there is some misconceptions right off the bat
about direct selling, and Paolo, what do you want women to know
about this field? They need to know that direct
selling is a real opportunity for women.
It really empowers women, and just like anything in life,
direct selling has evolved. It’s not the old door-to-door
anymore. Now, companies like Jafra, that
have been around for 58 years, 17 countries, you know, we give
you the fun and excitement, the nice environment of direct
selling, but we have added technology and science to it.
So, your opportunity is real. That’s fantastic and Andrea, I
want to turn to you. Online tools have really
changed, in the way you can support your customers.
What’s the biggest change in the industry?
Definitely, social selling. I feel like it offers a bigger
potential to my business, because I can find and reach my
clients anywhere. That’s so important.
What are some of the positive experiences you’ve had with
Jafra? With Jafra is amazing.
I have been in fabulous trips. I drive my Mercedes I earned.
I know amazing people, and of course one of the most important
things is I’m making more money now, than I did with my master’s
degree. With your masters degree.
You’re making more money with Jafra.
Yes. Oh my gosh.
And you’re able to be with your kids too.
We were talking about that earlier.
This allows you to do both. Yes, I have four children, and I
wanted to be involved in their lives.
That’s why I left my job, and I joined Jafra.
And now, I feel complete because I have my business, but I can
say proudly, that I am in all their special moments.
Mom is there when they need me. That is so important.
There are so many direct selling companies out there.
What sets Jafra apart? Many things, Julie.
First of all, the products. We have been around for so many
years, and the products really work.
We have the great technology. We have incorporated technology
as Andrea said, we took the word of mouth to a whole new level.
Now you have your own store on Facebook, 24/7, and the
potential is unlimited. Now, she drives a Mercedes and
so many other people are doing the same thing.
So, Jafra is really at the top of technology when it comes to
direct selling. Andrea, in addition to having
fun, why did you choose Jafra as your business?
Why wouldn’t I? The level of support I have is
amazing. I can call the president of the
company any time. And she does, Julie.
Any time. Jafra is really my business
partner. I can count on them all the time
and as I told you, I have four children, and I just wanted to
be present for them, but also I didn’t want to lose my income.
Oh yeah. And Jafra was the best
opportunity I could find. It’s the best decision I’ve ever
made. That’s so fantastic.
What advice would you give women wanting to be entrepreneurs?
Don’t be afraid. Just take the chance, and enjoy
what you do. Pick something that you are
passionate about. For me, it was my love for Jafra
products, and the desire to be a mom.
Thank you both for coming in. A great story, great experience,
great opportunities for women. Absolutely, and Julie, one last
thing. I learned from a great person in
direct selling, Andrea Young, that a person should follow her
compass, and not the clock, and at Jafra, we really respect
that. We have thousands of independent
consultants that have been with us for an average of 26 years.
That’s only possible because they are really making money.
They are really having fun. And great products.
Absolutely. That work.
That work. Great to have you both today.
Really exciting that women can do this for themselves and their
family. Absolutely.
Alright. To find out more about Jafra,
log on to and be sure to visit us at You can also find us on Facebook
and Twitter. (music).
Ready to get social? Join the conversation at We’d like to hear what’s on your
minds. .
(music). Do you have any regrets?
Ever wish you could hit the reset button because you missed
out on something? I’m sure we all do.
And one big regret many have is not finishing college.
But, there are ways to make that dream a reality.
Say hello to our next guest, Mary Hawkins, president of
Bellevue University. Welcome to the show.
Thank you. I’m delighted to be here.
I’m glad you’re here, because I’ve heard that from many
people. Something happened during their
lifetime, and it took a 180, and they weren’t able to finish.
Common denominator for people? Yes, especially women.
It happened to me. It did???
MMhmm… I had done two years and started
having children, and realized after a few years I wanted to go
back. I am not unusual.
I think it’s a lot of women, and actually a lot of people.
And look at you know. You’re the president of Bellevue
University. It is possible.
It is, and a surprise. Mary, I was reading here, 30%…
this was alarming to me, 30% of college and university students
drop out after the first year of school.
Why? It is true.
They just drop out. That’s a lot!
It is. It’s a lot.
Sometimes they decide to get married.
Sometimes they’re frustrated. This doesn’t feel like the right
major, doesn’t feel like the right college fit, sometimes
they run out of money. All kinds of problems that
adults are going to deal with, and they still have to figure
out a way to get back and get in the saddle and go.
Absolutely. And it doesn’t matter when.
In fact, one of my mom’s best friends, I believe she finished,
I want to say a couple years ago, and I think Loli was 56.
Great day. We all went.
She graduated. It was a huge celebration for
us, and for her. It’s the new normal.
And what’s cool at graduation is to hear “Go Grandma, go mom, go
dad!” But you know, when you hear
that, you think to yourself, okay, that sounds great, but to
make that adjustment when you have a family, when you have
kids, when you’re working maybe three jobs.
Would you say it’s kind of tough?
What you have to do is find a new path, and find support.
Find schools that support students.
There are some schools where it’s like “We dare you to
finish. We’re going to make it as hard
as you can.” There are some schools that say
come on in, we embrace you. Our success is based on your
success, and let’s talk then about Bellevue University.
You offer a great online program.
Let’s talk about it and how you embrace people to say come on in
and do it. We do.
And what’s surprising about the online classroom is it is so
intimate. They make such good friends,
great interaction with the professor.
There’s an image that you’re going to be working with a
computer. You’re not.
You’re working with people. That’s what I first thought,
Mary. It’s just the computer and me.
But it’s not so. You can actually get the help
you need. You can get the assistance.
You do projects with everybody around the world.
Tell me about that. What is really interesting is to
watch these projects and the way students figure it out.
There’s skype and there’s social media, and there’s adobe
connect. You name it.
But, they can make it really intimate.
They become best friends with people they’ve never met, never
crossed paths with. Something that’s great is also
the fact that you can do it on your own time.
Exactly. For parents, and for working
adults, sometimes you have a long work day.
You’ve got a project at work you’ve got to finish.
You can’t stop to go to class. So, online is perfect.
You get home, or you get up early in the morning, or you get
up in the middle of the night. Whatever.
And you do your homework. And whenever you can, you get it
done, and as long as it takes. Correct.
Do it at your convenience, and what you’ll find is there’s
support out there. Funny, other people are on the
same schedule. You think you’re the only one?
You’re not. I’d like to share some fabulous
testimonials that we have from some of your students
at Bellevue University. Can we do that?
Yes. Alright, let’s listen.
I’d left school, early on. Never finished, and got to a
point in my career where I saw education and the benefits of
that and felt it was really important to gain an education
to make me better at what I do. The only way I was going to be
able to go back and pursue additional education was to be
able to do it online, because I have three young children and my
husband was in school at the time, as well.
Really, the only way that we were going to be able to make
that work and feasible for our family schedule and our work
schedule was for me to be able to do that online.
It was a fantastic experience. I absolutely felt like I got all
of the same education that I would have gotten in class,
because I had so much dialog. The instructors, the support
staff, everybody at Bellevue will take you right down the
path that you need to go to succeed.
It’s pretty exciting. It’s pretty cool.
Even at 50 years old. I’m excited, and I would tell
anybody. It doesn’t matter how old you
are. It doesn’t matter what time it is. Don’t wait. It’s
there for you. Reach out and grab it.
I love hearing it. It is possible.
You can do it. I love those stories too.
I will tell you, and sometimes when i hear them, I have tears
rolling down my face because you realize what it’s done to change
somebody’s life, and it is overwhelming.
It’s so powerful. You have here a beautiful pin
that you give to your graduates. What is it?
It’s our new seal and our new emblem for the university, and
every graduate gets one at commencement.
I love what it says. I’m going to read it real quick.
You’ve achieved something great. As you turn, now, toward your
next endeavor, take with you this reminder of what you have
earned and all you will accomplish.
Great stuff. Thank you so much, Mary.
And for information on Bellevue University, where do we go??
Come back anytime. Thank you so much.
And, of course, if you’d like more information on Bellevue
University, you heard the website, or go to our website, Get your degree.
(music). Start your day The Balancing Act
way. You got it.
Good morning, everybody, and welcome to The Balancing Act.
We’re having some fun right, right?
we always are. I’m Julie Moran.
And I’m Olga Villaverde. The award-winning talkshow,
airing weekdays on Lifetime. We’re serving up tasty treats,
style and beauty tips. It’s down nice and low.
From family matters, to our furry friends, financial advice,
to healthy living solutions. 3-2-1.
The Balancing Act. Find your balance.
(music). The road to addiction recovery
takes strength, courage and support.
We’d like to now take you on a journey.
A 12-part reclaim your life series with our partner at
Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment center, to meet the
many faces of addiction, but more importantly to understand
the uniquely different programs that transformations offers for
specific groups that are afflicted by addiction.
Today, we start with a look at the under-30 program.
A program uniquely designed for the younger generation who need
to know they’re not alone in this journey.
I sat down with one young adult who knows this only too well.
By 21, I had nobody in my life. I was living on the streets with
the clothes on my back. No money in my pocket.
It was pretty much just me. I’ve had a lot of bad things
happen to me. I’ve had all types of violence,
guns, things like that. Anything you could really
imagine happen to me, but for me, the bottom was really just
complete abandonment. His story could be shared by
many young adults today who are suffering from the disease of
addiction. A disease that destroys lives,
relationships, and careers. For Josh, rock bottom meant
finally admitting he had a problem and making the call for
help. Calling your best friend,
calling your family, calling and no one is there.
That’s what made me, everyone pushing me away, because they
were good people and they knew that’s what it took to get me
better, is what led me to the point, to the gift of
desperation is I will do whatever it takes to get clean.
I never want to feel this again. It’s the first step that many
make in coming to transformations treatment center
in Delray Beach, Florida. A place that changes lives on
the road to recovery. As a licensed psychotherapist,
Joshua Weaver is the leader of the young adults program at
Transformations. It means creating specific
programs designed for the lifestyle of the under-30
population, and starting them on a sober journey to recovery.
When I spoke to Josh a few months ago, he was so honest
about his addiction and what he went through.
It was so impactful. How typical is his story today?
I believe that Josh’s story is very typical of how addiction is
impacting today’s society. And what hope does
Transformations offer to young adults like Josh?
What Transformations offers is an opportunity to learn about
the origins of their addiction, so that they can learn coping
strategies to manage what they have experienced
throughout their lives, so that they can manage
their issues long-term so they pervent further relapse.
But, to understand that, must be difficult for them because once
they let go and say “I need help” it takes time to
understand what they’re going through, right?
Yes. Initially, when they would come
to transformations, they sometimes have difficulty in
trusting people and I think that’s one of the major parts of
this whole process, is they have to allow themselves to become
vulnerable, when in the past, they’ve been very defensive, and
only really focused on using, to prevent them to numb the pain
that they’ve been experiencing in their lives.
Young adults have such an active life.
I mean, they’re constantly on the go and they’re moving and
going, especially in today’s society.
How do you design a recovery program to fit that lifestyle?
Let;s say on a Saturday, they all go to the beach, especially
if it’s around one of those holidays if people tend to drink
a lot, and they’re there as a community in a whole different
perspective. They’re looking at things with
sober eyes, and then they come to Monday morning to the
caseload, and they talk about their experience.
That may be the first time in their whole lives that they’ve
ever been able to do that. That must be such a turning
point for them to just feel it and realize “I don’t need to be
drunk or high to be happy.” Yeah, so what we do is, we
support them in increasing that. So, just because they’ve had one
experience, that doesn’t necessarily clear the playing
field for them. We try to incrementally increase
it. So, by the time that they
treatment at this facility, they have a really good foundation
for themselves to begin that initial stage of change.
And I can only imagine, when they finally have that fun
without, let’s say the drugs or the alcohol, and they see what
they can do, how happy they can be, and what the future holds
for them, it’s got to be a turning point.
It’s got to be huge. It’s a huge turning point for
them, because a lot of them, they’ve never really been able
to experience fun, or they have a different definition of what
it is, so we are really at the initial stages of them changing
here. But let’s be honest.
The road to recovery is not an easy one.
No. Very difficult.
What does it take? Everything they have.
I believe that a major thing for them is, to allow them to be
vulnerable and open about the things that they have
experienced throughout their lives and allow us to help them
through this process. If somebody is watching, and
they say “you know this all sounds great, but I just can’t
do it” what would you say? You can.
Yeah. The key is for each patient to
have the courage to seek help and start that journey to
recovery. Changing lives is what
Transformations is all about. I think a lot of people don’t
believe that it’s possible. I think the one addict or
alcoholic talking to one another is one of the most therapeutic
things you can have. Someone that was once at rock
bottom, that can relate to them, giving them hope through your
own story, to help them realize that you can come out of it.
There is light on the other side of the tunnel.
Like Josh, there is hope for any young adults who have started
this journey to recovery as we continue our series, we’ll be
looking at programs designed for other groups, as well, including
adults over 30 or the older adult population.
We hope you’ll join us to see how anyone in addiction can
reclaim their life. Remember, for more information,
you can go to,
and our website, (This is the show all about you
and your space. Your home and surroundings.
we’re Designing Spaces. We take on DIY projects, get
creative with interior design and get with the pros.
on remodeling and home improvement.
I can see myself living here. I really can.
Designing Spaces. Thursdays and Fridays from 7:00
to 7:30 AM on Lifetime Television.
(music). Such great information on
today’s show, from beauty products to options, for online
education. And of course our series on
reclaiming your life. We’re going to continue to go
deeper into the roots of addiction and bring you stories
of hope and recovery. Remember, we have lots more on
our website We’re also on Facebook and
Twitter. Until the next time.
Remember, find your balance. So long everybody.

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