Zoology | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds


Zoology | Undergraduate Degrees at University of Leeds

[MUSIC PLAYING] An ideal zoology
applicant is somebody that comes to Leeds
with a real enthusiasm for learning about the
diversity of animal life, from all different perspectives. You need to sit down in
a lecture and think, wow, this is really interesting. Who wrote this article? Looking at grand
societal challenges, anything from food security
through to conservation. You need to be engaged
in the subject. [MUSIC PLAYING] I knew I wanted to do zoology
by the time I got to sixth form. It had all the evolution aspects
and it had all the physiology of animals, which is everything
that I was sort of interested in. I went to a talk by my
current dissertation tutor. And she just sold it to me. Literally thought, that’s
exactly what I want. We start off with a fundamental
core zoology programme. And then second year,
our compulsory modules are more specifically
animal-related, rather than plant and microbe. By the third year in
particular, we give the students freedom to choose between
a whole breadth of modules, from the small genetics,
human genetics, through to the whole population
and conservation biology side of things. So they can tailor
their own degree. Clearly, when you come
straight from A level biology, you may not know whether
your passion lies in zoology or genetics, et cetera. You can always switch
to something else that you think might
be a lot more suitable. We make that as
easy as possible. So at the end of this
year, I could easily switch to ecology if
I’d want to do that. But I’m sticking
with zoology, so– Some people are very
certain from the very beginning that what
they want to do is pursue a career in
research, zoological research. And those are the people
that might apply immediately for our MBiol course. Which basically means I do four
years rather than three years of my course, and I come out
with an integrated master’s. And that fourth year is
entirely research-focused, so they would join
a research lab and do a very big
independent project there. Leeds has got one of the
largest biology departments. And the zoology degree
programme is taught by experts in the area. Half the time students don’t
realise you’re speaking to someone who is big in that
field that is teaching you. All of the staff teaching
you will not only teach according to
their specialist area, but will be doing
active research. They’ll be at the
forefront of that. It’s their research,
so that’s what they spend their life doing. It really comes across
in your lectures. In order to deliver that
state-of-the-art teaching, we have an excellent suite
of teaching laboratories run by our highly skilled
technical staff. We have excellent
e-learning resources. And that gives us
immense library access, not only to your core
texts, but through to all those original research
papers that you’ll start accessing in your final years. [MUSIC PLAYING] Studying organisms in
their natural habitats is a crucial part of the journey
of training as a zoologist. And one of the ways
in which we do this is through an
exceptional opportunity to take a field course
in each of your years of study, ranging from a
marine zoology field course down in South Wales,
through to the extremely arid regions of Spain,
through to a game reserve in South Africa. What I did enjoy
about the field course is a lot of the researchers,
whilst they were there helping others, they
were carrying out their own research, which
was really cool to see what they were actually doing. And it felt like you could
speak to the lecturers and the postdocs as
actual people almost. They weren’t just sort
of white coats in a lab. It’s a real opportunity to
see and help them develop their approach to science. And of course, it’s a
great social experience and a real opportunity to
get to know the students well and their careers
and aspirations. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t think there’s any
other university like Leeds. It’s very unique. There’s just so much to do. And you’ll find things that you
didn’t even realise that you wanted to do. I feel like I’m prepared to
go into sort of any career. You learn fundamental skills. You learn technical skills. There’s a lot of work. But it’s also very enjoyable,
especially if you’re passionate about your subject. I’m believing in
myself a lot more. I’m pushing myself,
challenging myself. Put it all together
and it’s great. So yeah, just go for it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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